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Date: 2018-03-14 05:28


Why some projects are clean, easy-to-read, and performant, while others a convoluted mess? Why, when making a modification, in some codebases everything falls into place immediately,
while in others it’s more like walking on a minefield?

Writing clean code is mostly about restricting yourself from cutting corners and thus enforcing guarantees. The freedom to approach the problems from many different directions
brings the responsibility not only to make the code run and...
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btw "inga" ... i've read ALL of your posts and they overwhelmingly do not speak of happiness nor contentment but rather of someone expressing deep sorrow for missing the things they wanted in their life.
... i only mention it so that you don't keep making a fool of yourself telling random strangers on the Internet that "you are happy" & feel sorry for the haters when in actuality everything you write about clearly demonstrates that you ... are not.