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Classifieds: Christian Singles Charlotte - uganda women

Date: 2018-03-10 22:55

Show: NXT
Location: North Caroline,Charlotte(Charlotte's hometown)
Date: 14.2.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•RAW Women's Champion Charlotte enters with a promo•

•Wolves vs Finn Bàlor and Sami Zayn•
|#1 Contendership for SmackDown Tag-Team Championship|

•Chris Benoit wants his rematch at WrestleMania III•

|Adam Cole© vs Shawn Michaels|
•Single Match•

•Dark Blood© vs Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy•
|Single Match|

•Rated-RKO© vs 2MB(Heath Slater© and Sheamus)•
|RAW Tag-Team Championship|

•Kenny Omega©,Chris Benoit and Kofi Kingston vs Christian Cage and The Usos•
|6-Man Tag-Team Match|

•The Miz© vs Triple H•
|Single Match|

•Bray Wyatt© vs Rusev•
|Single Match|


•CM Punk© vs Steve Austin•
|Universal Championship|


Show: Elimination Chamber
Location: Dallas,TX
Date: 11.2.18
Time: 16:00(MSC)

•NXT Chanpionship•
Adam Cole© vs Shawn Michaels

•RAW Women's Championship•
Charlotte© w/Dana Brooke (+1) vs Paige

•Street Fight Match•
Chris Benoit vs Christian

•RAW Tag-Team Championship•
The Usos© vs Rated-RKO


•Elimination Chamber Match for Universal Championship•
CM Punk© vs Steve Austin vs Braun Strowman vs Heath Slater© vs Kenny Omega© vs Kofi Kingston
(New Member enters in 4 minutes)


Show: NXT
Location: Winnipeg,Canada(Chris Jericho's hometown)
Date: 7.2.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•Single Match•
Kofi Kingston vs Braun Strowman

•Women's division Match•
Charlotte© vs Dana Brooke

•Tag-Team Match•
The Usos© vs Dark Blood©

Christian Cage wants his match at Main Event of Elimination Chamber

•Champion vs Champion•
Heath Slater© vs Stardust©

•IC Championship•
The Miz© vs John Cena

Chris Benoit calls out Randy Оrton

•Champion vs Champion•
Bray Wyatt© and CM Punk


Show: Monday Night RAW
Location: Philadelphia,PA
Date: 5.2.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•Vince McMahon office•
Chris Benoit talks to Vince McMahon

•Women's Division Match•
Charlotte© w/Dana Brooke(+1) vs Alexa Bliss

•Elimination Chamber Qualification•
Braun Strowman vs Kane

•Elimination Chamber Qualification•
Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles

•Elimination Chamber Qualification•
Kenny Omega© vs Jushin Liger

Chris Benoit announces match for tonight

•No-Title Match•
Heath Slater© vs Christian

•No-Title Match•
CM Punk© vs Sheamus


•Tag-Team Match•
The Usos© w/Christian (+1) vs Rated-RKO


Show: Superstars
Location: Philadelphia,PA
Date: 2.2.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•Tag-Team Match•
Dark Blood© vs CM Punk© and Triple H

•Universal Championship Match at Elimination Chamber Qualification•
Steve Austin vs Adam Cole

•Universal Championship Match at Elimination Chamber Qualification•
Christian vs Heath Slater

•If Sin Cara wins,he'll be added to CWC Championship• Match at Royal Rumble•
Sin Cara vs Tama Тonga

•Women's Division Match•
Alexa Bliss vs Dana Brooke

•Women's Division Match•
Charlotte© vs Paige

•All Champions Tag•
Rated-RKO© vs The Usos©


•Champion vs Champion•
Kenny Omega©© vs The Miz©


Show: RAW
Location: Los Angeles,California
Date: 29.1.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•Charlotte and Dana Brooke are celebrating Charlotte's victory - Promo

•Heath Slater vs Kane - Winner faces Braun Strowman for ECW Championship at Royal Rumble

•Matt Hardy vs Sami Zayn - Single Match

•Adam Cole vs Braun Strowman - Single Match

•Triple H adds himself to 30-Man Royal Rumble - Promo

•Steve Austin vs Austin Aries - Single Match

•Kenny Omega© vs Jushin Liger - NXT Championship


•CM Punk© w/The Usos© (+2) vs Christian - Universal Championship


Show: Roadblock
Location: Los Angeles,California
Date: 28.1.18
Time: 17:00(MSC)

•Jushin Liger vs Sami Zayn - #1 Contendership for NXT Championship

•Charlotte© w/Dana Brooke (+1) vs Becky Lynch - Undisputed RAW Women's Championship

•The Usos© vs 2 Man Band - RAW Tag-Team Championship

•Finn Bàlor© vs Kenny Omega© - USA Championship


•Christian© vs CM Punk w/The Usos© (+2) - Universal Championship


Show: Superstars
Location: Los Angeles,California
Date: 26.1.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•Triple H talks about Rusev - Promo

•Rhyno© vs Braun Strowman - ECW Championship

•Randy Orton©w/Edge© (+1) vs Bray Wyatt - Single Match

•Charlotte© and Dana Brooke vs Carmella and Becky Lynch - Tag-Team Match

•Shinsuke Nakamura© vs CM Punk w/The Usos© (+1) - No-Title Match

•Jushin Liger vs Tama Tonga - Single Match

•Dark Blood© vs Kenny Omega© - Handicap Match

•Finn Bàlor© vs Heath Slater - No-Title Match


•Christian© vs The Miz© w/Paige (+1) - Champion vs Champion,Steel Cage Match


Show: Main Event
Location: Edmonton,Alberta
Date: 25.1.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•Sami Zayn vs Tama Tonga - Single Match

•Finn Balor© vs Heath Slater - No-Title Match

•Kenny Omega© vs Shinsuke Nakamura© - Champion vs Champion

•Randy Orton© vs Stardust© - Champion vs Champion

•The Miz© w/Paige (+1) vs Rhyno© - Champion vs Champion

•Charlotte© w/Dana Brooke (+1) vs Carmella - No-Title Match

•Christian Cage© vs Edge© - Champion vs Champion

•Bray Wyatt vs Marty Scurll - Single Match


Show: King of the Ring
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: 21.1.18
Time: 15:00(MSC)

•Abyss© vs Bobby Roode - King of the Ring Tournament

•Charlotte© vs Carmella vs Becky Lynch vs Bayley - RAW Women's Championship

•Eric Young vs Kofi Kingston© - King of the Ring Tournament

•Marty Scurll© vs Shinsuke Nakamura© - Champion vs Champion

•Austin Aries vs Kane - King of the Ring Tournament

•The Usos© vs Joker and Lokomotiv - RAW Tag-Team Championship

•Bad News Barrett vs Braun Strowman© - King of the Ring Tournament

•Rated-RKO© vs Star Orbit - SmackDown Tag-Team Championship

•Finn Balor vs Kenny Omega© vs Gangrel© - USA Championship


•Christian© vs CM Punk - Undisputed Universal Championship


Show: Impact!
Location: New-Jersey
Date: 18.1.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•Star Orbit vs Lokomotiv and Joker - Tag-Team Match

•Charlotte© vs Bayley - No-Title Match

•Dark Blood© vs Finn Balor - Handicap Match

•Marty Scurll© vs Edge© - No-Title Match

•The Usos© vs Christian© and Braun Strowman© - All Champions Tag-Team Match

•Shinsuke Nakamura© vs Austin Aries - CWC Championship

•John Cena© vs Kenny Omega© - Champion vs Champion


•Randy Orton©w/Edge© (+1) vs CM Punk - Single Match


Show: Superstars
Location: Tokyo,Japan
Date: 12.1.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•Finn Balor vs Abyss© - Single Match

•Kenny Omega© vs Braun Strowman - No-Title Match

•Randy Orton© vs Lokomotiv vs Kofi Kingston© - Triple Threat Match

•Star Orbit vs John Cena© - Handicap Match

•The Usos© vs CM Punk - Handicap Match

•Bad News Barrett vs Austin Aries - Single Match

•Charlotte© vs Paige - No-Title Match


•Gangrel© vs Edge© vs Christian© - Triple Threat Match


Show: RAW
Location: Manchester,England
Date: 8.1.18
Time: 19:00(MSC)

•Chris Benoit talks to CM Punk - Promo

•Charlotte© vs Paige - Women's Division Match

•Kenny Omega© vs Kane - USA Championship Tournament

•AJ Styles vs Finn Balor - USA Championship Tournament


•Christian© vs The Usos© - Handicap Match


[Show] Superstars

[Location] Gainsville,GA

[Date] 5.1.18

[Time] 19:00 - MSC


•Kane vs Dolph Ziggler - Single Match

•Joker vs Bad News Barrett - Single Match • BNB Returns

•Marty Scurll© vs Bobby Roode - IC Championship

•Rusev© w/Triple H (+1) vs Chris Jericho - Single Match

•Carmella vs Becky Lynch - Women's Division Match • Charlotte is a commentator

•Braun Strowman© and AJ Styles vs Kofi Kingston©and Seth Rollins - Tag-Team Match Match

•Dark Blood© vs Kenny Omega© and Shinsuke Nakamura© - All Champions Tag-Team Match


•The Usos© and Christian© vs John Cena© and Rated-RKO© - All Champions Tag-Team Match


[Show] NXT

[Location] Lenexa,Kansas,USA

[Date] 3.1.18

[Time] 18:00 - MSC


•Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler - Winner will be #1 Contender for IC Championship

•Braun Strowman© and Rusev© w/Triple H (+1) vs Kofi Kingston and Marty Scurll© - All Champions Tag-Team Match

•Seth Rollins vs Kane - Single Match

•Vince McMahon Announcement

•Gangrel©w/Abyss © (+1) vs Neville w/Stardust (+1) - Single Match

•Kenny Omega© and Shinsuke Nakamura© vs Hell's Gore - Tag-Team Match

•Charlotte© vs Becky Lynch - RAW Women's Championship

|Main Event|

•Christian© w/AJ Styles(+1) vs Chris Jericho w/John Cena©(+1)


[Show] RAW

[Location] Nashua, New Hampshire, United States

[Date] 1.1.18

[Time] 18:00 - MSC


•Chris Benoit Promo - Survivor Series announce

•Rusev© vs Braun Strowman© - Triple H banned from ringside • No DQ

•Charlotte© vs Becky Lynch - Single Match

•Dolph Ziggler vs AJ Styles - Single Match

•Kane vs Finn Balor vs Gangrel - Triple Threat Match

•The Usos© vs Star Orbit - Tag-Team Match

[Main Event]

•Christian© vs Eric Young - Universal Championship Rematch • Winner joins RAW Talk


Show: RAW
Location: El-Paso,TX
Date: 25.12.17
Time: 18:00(MSC)

1. Single Match
Charlotte© vs Bayley

2. Tag-Team Match
Christian and Neville vs The Usos©

3. USA Championship Open Challenge
Stardust© vs ???

4. Single Match
Braun Strowman vs Kofi Kingston©

5. Single Match
Marty Scurll© vs Cesaro

6. Single Match
Kenny Omega© vs Batista

7. NXT Tag-Team Championship Rematch
Dark Blood© vs Hell's Gore

8. Main Event
Universal Championship
Eric Young© vs Kane


Show:No Mercy


1. Single Match
Batista vs Lars Sullivan w/William Regal (+1)

2. NXT Tag-Team Championship
Hell's Gore© vs Dark Blood


3. Undisputed WVW Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair© w/Christian (+1) vs Paige

4. CWC Championship
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler vs Will Ospreay

5. NXT Championship
Kenny Omega© vs Kane

6. Guest Referee(Chris Jericho) Match
Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt

7. SmackDown Live Tag-Team Championship
Rated-RKO© vs Adam Cole and AJ Styles

8. USA Championship
Stardust© vs Bobby Roode

9. Main Event
WVW Championship
Seth Rollins© vs John Cena


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Show: Clash of Champions
Date: 17.12.17
Theme: The Roots - Champion
Location: Dallas, TX
Time: 15:00(MSC)

1. Single Match
Bo Dallas vs Lars Sullivan w/William Regal (+1)

2. NXT Championship|2 out of 3 Falls
Neville© vs Kenny Omega

3. WVW Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair©w/Christian (+1) vs Paige

4. RAW Tag-Team Championship|Iron Man Match
The Usos© vs Adam Cole and AJ Styles

5. IC Championship|Submission Match
Rusev© w/Triple H (+1) vs Marty Scurll

6. TNA Championship|Last Man Standing
Sting© vs Kofi Kingston

7. Main Event
Universal Championship
Eric Young© vs Sheamus


Show:SmackDown LIVE

1. Single Match
Bray Wyatt vs Sami Zayn

2. Single Match
Will Ospreay vs Dean Ambrose

3. First Finisher Hit
Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns

4. Women's Division Tag-Team Match
Charlotte Flair© w/Christian (+1) & Carmella vs Paige & Bayley

5. Single Match
Bobby Roode vs John Cena

6. No-Title Match
Seth Rollins© vs Chris Jericho

7. Main Event
USA Championship
Cody Rhodes© vs Randy Orton© W/Edge©(+1)


Show: Main Event
Location: Washington DC
Date: 7.12.17

1. Tag-Team Match
The Shield vs Devil's Light

2. Single Match
The Wyatt Family vs R-Game

3. Handicap Match
Rated-RKO© vs Eric Young©

4. Handicap Match
The Usos© vs Seth Rollins©

5. Triple Threat Match
Chris Jericho vs Cody Rhodes© vs Neville©

6. Women's Division Match
Charlotte Flair© w/Christian (+1) vs Bayley


🔔Show: RAW

🌍Location: Los Angeles, California.

📅Date: 04.12.2017.

⏰Starting: 19:00 Киев; 20:00 МСК

Nikki Bella & Briе Bella vs Charlotte Flair - Handicape Match

Adam Cole vs Jinder Mahal - Single Match

Drew McIntyre vs Christian - Single Match

Samoa Joe vs The Miz - Single Match

The Shield & John Cena vs The Usos & Brock Lesnar - Dark Match


Pay Per View-Extreme Rules
Theme Song-Story of The Year-Cannonball

1. NXT Championship
Kalisto© w/Sin Cara© (+1) vs Jimmy Havoc w/Boogeyman (+1)

2. WVW Women's Championship
Charlotte Flair© vs Becky Lynch

3. USA Championship
Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens©

4. No holds barred Match
Seth Rollins vs Triple H

5. SmackDown Live Tag-Team Championship
Edge & Christian© va Devil's Light

6. Main Event
WVW Championship
The Undertaker© vs Braun Strowman