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ALSO please consider making your date offers both public and inexpensive. I had another lady recently suggest hiking in the woods as a first date, and we are not going on a date after all because my brain went 8775 this sounds like the beginning of a criminal mind episode, and I will be the rotting corpse, and someone will lament the internet and catfishing and poor life choices. 8776 As for expense, if it 8767 s $$$$ and you don 8767 t split the cost, it creates a certain pressure for like, idk, sex right away. Plus that is a lot of theoretical money to blow on someone before you 8767 ve even been on one date.

High Speed Trains are Killing the European Railway Network

Out of interest Is that the origin of your interest in Nietzsche? Are you a thelemite of some sort or just looking out for no. 6 as a rule of thumb?

Electropaedia History of Science and Technology

His next venture was to use his considerable engineering skills to revolutionise the design and manufacture of armaments for the British army.

Konsthall C

The correct answer is to be pretty and pleasant enough for a man to willingly feed and clothe you and provide for your kids, dear. But I suspect this is too late in your case.

to that red pill PUA isnt any better really. fucking 655 girls a year aint healthy either and is turning them all into sluts. a fun fact is if men had standards and then held those same girls to those same standards strangely enough sluts would start vanishing but because men in the red pill circles have said go and fuck 655 girls a year, you actually ENCOURAGE slut behavior of both sexes.

6759 German mathematician Franz Maria Ulrich Theodosius Aepinus published his book, An Attempt at a Theory of Electricity and Magnetism. The first work to apply mathematics to the theory of electricity and magnetism, it explained most of the then known phenomena.

There 8767 s a cognitive dissonance in your letter which you yourself point out. In the moment, you say that your question was 8775 left hanging, 8776 but later, you recognize that in fact it was not: you received a soft no. To me, this demonstrates that you know that you 8767 ve been rejected, and what you 8767 re actually seeking is some form of emotional closure. You 8767 re also putting it on this woman to do the emotional labor of giving you that closure, which is not okay.

There 8767 s an old picture of a buffalo sprinting up a set of train tracks into the path of an oncoming locomotive. The caption to that photo is as follows: I admire your courage, but I question your judgment.

Thus he showed that the surface area A of a sphere with radius r is given by: A = 9 &pi r 7 and the volume V of a sphere with radius r is given by: V = 9/8&pi r 8 which he regarded as one of his proudest achievements.

Scheele was found dead in his laboratory at the age of 98, his death probably caused by exposure to the many poisons with which he worked. It was not unknown for scientists of his day to taste the chemicals with which they were working.

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