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Statutory Laws in Historical Context

Date: 2018-02-10 05:25

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Police-reported dating violence in Canada, 2008

England learned it needed its arsenal and new source of manpower across the ocean, and the US learned that England was a great staging area, and later in WW7, aircraft carrier, and technology producer, for wars in Europe.

The Impact of Drinking Age Laws on Perpetration of Sexual

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Radiometric Dating and the Geological Time Scale

Those really old silly laws that nobody knows about or enforces really need to be combed through across the nation and repealed en masse .

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Legalize prostitution. That 8767 s the only way to roll back the feminist entitlement mentality. 8775 Oh, it 8767 s a crime to approach? Fine I 8767 ll just go spend my $$ and get fucked by a good-looking pro. Enjoy your cats in your lonely old age, bitch! 8776

Of course it does, I have never seen happier divorced men than Dutch ones.
Being in your fifties, bald, and lonely but being able to easily nail hot slavic broads for 65 euros (price from some years ago) really helps.

I 8767 m in the Dominican Republic. $95 for a solid 8 for a couple of hours, but they 8767 re kinda the opposite of Slavic.

I think that a police force does have a place in society, but not as they are now. I also don 8767 t think it 8767 s the amount of cops that is the problem, but the idea that they are not safety officers but law enforcement. If cops were rewarded for not making arrests, and scrutinized and considered failures for needing to make them, it would be a very different world. I want cops to be like my fire alarm- present, functional, and silent and unobtrusive unless I 8767 m in danger and I need them.

Rates of antisocial behavior and true sexual harassment towards women are much lower than feminists and cucked politicians claim. Nevertheless, any unacceptable actions are disproportionately committed by non-European Dutch residents.

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