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Date: 2018-02-07 07:36

And, seriously now, when someone starts saying you can 8767 t get 8775 ought 8776 from 8775 is, 8776 you think that is consistent with natural law?

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You address yourself to your 8775 Greek/Serb Orthodox Brothers. 8776
The Orthodox Church does NOT consider Rome to BE a Church, and therefore, we/they are NOT your 8766 brethren 8767 ! How could the Serbs especially, after Clark and Albright, consider the West to be 8766 brethren 8767 ?

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It seems it's far easier to have casual sexual encounters or hookups, though several national surveys of college students found a stalwart 78 percent who remain virgins. The term "hookup" is so vague, however, it might well encompass someone's idea of virginity — it involves anything from kissing to fooling around, oral sex and sexual intercourse.

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Similarly plays indeed nearly all plays are mere entertainment, since they do not last their generation indeed many successful plays only get one professional perfomance.

Way to go Bro’ with your latest article exposing the Mossad in Mumbai – we all suspected it, we thank you for vindicating us and we pray for the speedy dissolution of your head cramp!

Nah. The clergy doing their Jericho walk are not doing so because they are Christians, but because they are liberals. They use their Christianity in the service of their liberalism. They serve two gods. They are idolaters.

I attest that these are the Holy and Awesome Words of God, JESUS CHRIST, and all has been transcribed by My secretary who feels in My Voice, My Thunderous Voice, My Wrath.

The Mother of God desires TO CRUSH the head of Satan and it is the Lord Himself Who desires Satan 8767 s head CRUSHED via a public and solemn Collegial Consecration of Russia to His Mother 8767 s Immaculate Heart.

St. Joseph held that seeing to it that the WILL OF GOD HIMSELF was done here on this planet earth of His creating was the 8766 Number One Vitally Important Thing 8767 in the entire universe.

You then have the temerity to demand 8775 INSIST, in writing, to every last Patriarch, Metropolitan and Bishop of any and all of the ORTHODOX Churches to publicly INSIST that the Catholic Church’s Bishop of Rome and his Bishops preform the public and solemn Collegial Consecration of ORTHODOX Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Mother of God. 8776 (end quote)

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