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Date: 2018-02-06 09:47

I have never played a poker game that utilized anything electric except the light bulbs overhead and the refrigerator that holds the beer. I was speaking more along the lines of inviting a bunch of men you are friends with in real life over once a month (or whatever) and not so much along the lines of professional tournaments.

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well suppose they put all the articles behind a pay-wall. no money no articles. then what? my point was, if it 8767 s free, you don 8767 t really have a right to bitch about it.

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I knew several girls that played VGs. They all had older brothers. When i saw familys with nothing but girls (or brothers) they werent into video games or thought they were lame.

I don 8767 t. I wouldn 8767 t touch the military with a ten foot pole. That shitty institution took two of my buddies, and not in combat. Rather through suicide. As much as I disapprove of video games, I would rather they played the games and never joined the military. I wished they had lived vicariously through the games, rather than squandering their lives for a rotten, pointless political agenda.

The reason for this is obvious: These video games are highly competitive, require learning and mastering highly customized controls or even building them. (With just a gamepad controller you gain nothing in this space.)

Whoa !?! But people that visit this site for free can see every published article someone who subscribes can see so what are the perks of subscribing ?

There are a few different options we could have picked for this category and the biggest reason we chose Bitdefender is because when it comes to AV protection, we prefer the strong and silent type. That&rsquo s Bitdefender in nutshell . Once installed, Bitdefender goes into Autopilot mode by default and makes all security related decisions for you. It won&rsquo t bother you with popups and alerts, nor does it even ask you to go through and configure its behavior. There&rsquo s no handholding here Bitdefender is confident in its abilities to protect your system without making a fuss.

Nothing wrong with self improvement, but there is a battle to be fought on the political and social fields. If the complainers didn 8767 t dominant these arenas, there wouldn 8767 t be so many problems facing men. Unless you 8767 re rich, you can 8767 t just shrink away and start living in your own worlds.

True that, I don 8767 t mind the red pill articles for newbies here and there but I find no relevance in this article for blue pill individuals

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