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Date: 2017-11-15 18:00

So, I found this website, and as I saw that you happen to give helpful advice, and I myself am in Army JROTC, I need to ask. Would I have to escort a woman to the Ball in order to attend?

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Whether a girlfriend, fiancee or wife, your 8775 etiquette 8776 at the ball is the same. Enjoy yourself and be yourself. Introduce yourself to those at your table and enjoy getting to know them. Meet your boyfriend 8767 s co-workers and friends and feel free to chat them up. You might be surprised at the number of girlfriends you meet. Kaylyn 8767 s recommendations for a dress are great. Have an amazing time!

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It is such a pretty color. I wouldn 8767 t worry about the back. It is more the cleavage and hiney area that I would be worried about. It looks great.

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Hey Claudia,
Just relax and have fun! Enjoy getting gorgeous for the evening, enjoy the pomp and circumstance, enjoy the meal and enjoy the people watching. Try not to be nervous. You are going to have a ton of fun!

I am super excited for you. You are going to have such a great time. Not everyone gets to attend a military ball and they are pretty awesome! Just be yourself, use your manners and have fun! If they are serving an entrée you don 8767 t like, just eat your salad and the side dish. I am sure there will be something that will get you through. You usually get to choose from a couple of different entrees. You only have to dance if you want to. Look around and see what most people are doing. If you feel comfortable, get up and dance the night away.

How to deal with people who say you shouldn 8767 t deal with the separation: I get this one a lot, not in those words necessarily. I get the 8775 I could never deal with that. 8776 or 8775 How can you deal with that if you aren 8767 t even married yet 8776 . Those suck, I 8767 m not going to lie, but its easy to explain to people that you do what you have to do if you love that person!

~ The most important is LOVE! love conquers everything! Love can endure anything whatever the situation may be. If you truly love one another and want to be with each other there is no doubt that ya 8767 ll will be able to make it through this. Love is patient, love is kind, love not jealous, love is  understanding, love forgives, love is him and to him you are love.

Where is your ball this year? What feels appropriate also depends on your age. I am not wearing the same dresses I wore at my first few balls twenty years ago that I am wearing now. That would be awkward )!

Um I have a few questions. My dad was inthe ary so i kind of know some things. But the guy i am dateing is a cheif in the navy. I dont know what i am suspose to do. I got a pretty full length grown, i know the gown is fine. But i have no idea what i am in for? he 8767 s Cheif. is there going to be special things i have to do. Specail place i have to sit? Heeeeellllpp

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