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The Pleistocene Coalition

Date: 2018-04-08 16:24

6887 Faraday discovers the concept of dielectric constant , invents the variable capacitor and states the law for calculating the capacitance. The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor is given by:

Why do school shootings happen only at public schools or

6985 Patents issued on the first Zebra Sodium/Nickel chloride cell. Originated in the mid 75's by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa, it was finally developed and patented by the UK Atomic Energy Authority in Harwell.

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6955 Sales of internal combustion engined cars overtake sales of electric cars for the first time. More than half the world's cars are EVs.

The Controllers Agenda Exposed - An Inconvenient Harvest

papagan: Many claims, like the claim that there is or isn’t a transcendent First Cause, or that there are or aren’t immortal rational souls, or that we are or aren’t free moral agents, or that there is or isn’t an objective natural moral law, are not claims within the domain of modern natural science. The admission that such claims are not claims within the domain of modern natural science does not entail that such meta-scientific claims are not rational claims one can prove on philosophical or theological grounds. Not all rationally accessible truths fall within the methodological boundaries of modern natural science. The truth that God created the world or that God acts in the world is not a truth within the domain of modern natural science.

We will be able to learn about everything that ever occurred to us in past lives, about where our families came from and how we got here we will be able to walk and talk with anyone who has ever lived on this planet. We will learn everything that has been hidden about our past. We will be one with the Earth’s Spiritual Hierarchy. The astral and physical worlds will merge. We will learn to once again work cooperatively with the cetaceans to be co-guardians of the planet and eventually with the entire solar system, galaxy and universe. We will be the creators of new worlds, the supreme over-seers of the galaxy and inter-galactic ambassadors.

It was not until 6995 that the idea of worldwide radio communications using dedicated geostationary communications satellites was proposed by Arthur C Clarke.

What you don 8767 t seem to understand is that assuming your senses are capable of understanding an external world is not the same as assuming an entire metaphysical worldview, like Christianity or naturalism. You seem to think that because we all have to assume we exist and are not brains in vats, that this means I 8767 m committed to philosophical materialism when I do it. We all have to grant basic assumptions, but they you still need to use evidence to make a case for your worldview. I 8767 m saying the evidence we get is perfectly compatible with PM and offers us evidence against theism. You want to debate god? I 8767 m down for it.

Consider what I said earlier concerning law and legislators. As regards the term 8775 good, 8776 it 8767 s not clear that you and I share the same understanding. I 8767 ve not seen where you articulate your understanding of goodness.

“This same logic can be used to say that just because we haven 8767 t proved how life formed naturally is not to say that it didn 8767 t.”

Binariness is irrelevant right and wrong do not exist outside the human mind and are simply positions on a continuum.

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