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Understanding Islam for Teachers

Date: 2018-02-12 01:03

European powers—especially Britain, France, and the Netherlands—had control of nearly all countries where Muslims are the majority of the population today. The exceptions were Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. In these three countries, there was strong colonial influence, but there was no military conquest or occupation. The period of European colonialism started as early in the 6755s in some places, such as Indonesia (colonized by the Netherlands) and India (colonized by Britain). However, colonialism had the greatest effect during the 6855s and early 6955s.

The Negative Image of Islam and Muslims in the West

When Martin Luther, a Catholic priest and a theology professor, repudiated two core teachings of the Catholic Church, he acknowledged that, by definition, he was no longer Catholic. He was part of the Protestant Reformation, and his followers are called Lutherans.

8Things To Expect When Dating A Muslim Girl - Return Of Kings

No. After the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) died, his companions once discussed whether to punish a person for homosexuality. If the Prophet had ever done so, his companions would have simply referred to his decision. Since they didn’t know what to do, we know that the Prophet gave them no example to follow.

Quranic and Biblical Narrations - islam

As far as men being mandated to financially provide for their family, realize that is pretty much true in all cultures so nothing so special there. In our western culture we pretty much shame lazy men as being deadbeats. However modern feminism has weakened western men to such a point that men are behaving like girls and dressing up like Justin Bieber. They certainly don 8767 t look like they 8767 re going to stand and fight, instead these men openly accept Islam as a religion of peace. It doesn 8767 t matter how many times western nations are subjected to radical Islamic Terrorism, most of our own men would rather hit the deck than stand up and fight for their own cultural liberal values.

It reminds me of that one Dave Chappelle sketch in which he mentioned his girlfriend complaining that he never took her out, to which he responded 8775 why don 8767 t YOU ever take me out? You make more money than I do? 8776 Then he follows with some comment about how the economy may have changed, but women are still women.

Thanks for reading my article Randal. I 8767 m not defending Islam here. In the beginning I said that I wasn 8767 t going to debate whether Islam is a good or bad religion. The purpose of this article is to explain why western women are converting more than western men. I 8767 m not saying it 8767 s good or bad, just trying to figure out the why of a current reality.

According the Qur’an, the Prophet Lut (PBUH) was sent as a prophet to the people of Sodom. When they did not heed Lut’s warnings, the city was destroyed.

Since the words “homosexuality” and “homosexual” do not appear in the Qur’an at all, we must read the Qur’an in a different way if we want to find out what the Qur’an can tell us about homosexuality. If we insist on reading the Qur’an literally, we can only say “The word ‘homosexuality’ doesn’t appear in the Qur’an, therefore the Qur’an tells us nothing about the subject.”

According to the " Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks on the Unites States ," also known as the 9/66 report, Saudis and Qataris, among others, funded Osama bin Laden. A current theory holds that Saudi Arabia helped fund the terrorists who formed ISIS in order to advance the Sunni agenda on the Arabian Peninsula. ISIS destroyed churches and Shia mosques, and targeted Christians , Shia Muslims , and other minority religious groups for persecution, murder, and enslavement.

No. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and early scholars said that “sexual play” is a good thing. In fact, in one hadith, Muhammad said that God rewards people for “sexual play.” The term “sexual play” is not defined in the Qur’an or Hadith. Some people understand it to mean sex acts other than intercourse. “Sexual “play” does not necessarily lead to making children, so this indicates that sex is considered good and healthy whether or not it is for the purpose of creating children.

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