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Date: 2017-11-15 23:59

Anyway, after the phonecall I don 8767 t contact her at all, Thursday comes around and I start writing her a letter, 75 A5 pages later it is finished, in the end I did use it more as a release, it fealt as if I was talking to her and it made me realise what was important in my life, which was everything I wanted, the job, house, money etc meant nothing if I wasn 8767 t with her.

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Holy crap I 8767 m not alone and I 8767 m not crazy. Wow. What a sad sad world. All I can say is I hope that my baby girl grows up happy and healthy despite of this being one of her parents mental and genetic make ups. I 8767 m worried and scared. :/

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Then I became desperate. I shouldn 8767 t have called again and I did and then I called his parents house, which he hated. He answered his mobile and told me 8775 I had hurt his parents by calling up (he is by the way 85) his parents are very religious (roman catholic) and Indian, I am white and have never as far as I am aware known about me, not sure this is relevant but it might be! He had to explain things to them. Still don 8767 t know what this means!

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You should stay no contact as long as you think it 8767 s necessary. If she comes to talk to you in person, treat her like an acquaintance. Be cordial but end the conversation quickly by making up an excuse. If she calls you, or keeps on texting you, tell her you need some space and time right now and you will appreciate it if she understands.

Turns out he still wants to go out with me. Yeah. If he ever shows up on my doorstep, he 8767 s getting the door slammed in his face and locked.

Now, we are still apart, but on good terms as we still live together. However, she is going to new york for 6 months in july and im going to new Zealand for 8. She says im welcome to come and stay with her for a week or so, and she still wants cuddles and kisses but doesn’t want me to get to close, she doesn’t mind ‘playing’ but she wont sleep with me and I understand that. Shes also said shes not bothered that we’ve split up and wants to be fully single in new york, a tough pill for me to swallow, but I have to accept that. She says she doesn’t know what she wants, and that she still might not when she gets back. She also says she doesn’t want to try and get back as that’s my job to make her want me back.

Hi could u please suggest me wat to do me and my gf of 5 months broke u three days had a nice time in the beginning but we started to fight because of various complaints from me because of my some how had it going had nice moments..but we broke up when we had a fight and i spoke rudely to her she says i treated her like shit..i called and texted her but she dint respond later she responded for one call and we ended it now shud i follow the same plan from no contact?

I think you might have to find another place and apply no contact for a while. If it 8767 s extremely hard for you to find another place, then you need to apply limited contact for some time.

Also, if the boyfriend had written in, I think Alison 8767 s response would have been very different because the boyfriend is the person with enough information to know whether feelings of discomfort are warranted enough to act upon. A big part of AAM 8767 s answer is the fact that LW hasn 8767 t interacted with Ex, hasn 8767 t heard much beyond an often sexist 8775 crazy ex-girlfriend 8776 narrative, and hasn 8767 t heard anything from Ex in presumably close to 7 years.

8775 A male in a hooded sweatshirt and long pants can then be seen walking, from the north, up to the driver 8767 s door of the black sedan, 8776 police said in court documents. 8775 The male appears to open the driver 8767 s door and pull Velasquez out of the car. Velasquez falls to the ground and the male makes movements/gestures with his arm/hands toward Velasquez. Velasquez does not get up after this, and the male runs away on foot (northbound).

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