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Date: 2017-11-15 17:03

The anti-Christ is the prominent entity in Revelation and in many other places within the Bible. We are commanded to study the Bible, therefore a study of anti-Christ must fall within that command and surely his origin is part of that study.

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If we make people or events fulfill prophecy instead of seeing prophecy fulfilling people and events we will make the same errors as those of the past.

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“The traditions of the Syrian Christians and Moslems’ living peacefully together is one of the most important characteristic of our people we have also a Jewish Community. In Syria live many of the Russians. The most ancient Church exists in Damascus.”

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The bottom line is that all the nations that come against Israel are Muslim today because the people that are in Islam do not know Christ, follow lies, and hate Israel. It is not that the Antichrist will be a Muslim. Islam will be dealt with in the wars of Psalm 88 and the Gog war of Ezekiel chapters 88 and 89 but all this is prior to the Antichrist. What is left of Islam after these wars will likely be watered down and joined with the Harlot of Rome into a one world religion.

CHALLENGE 7: Besides the argument on whether Magog is Russia, can anyone cite any literal reference to a nation that God destroys in the End-Times that is not Muslim?

If you want to believe in fantasy rather than Bible Prophecy that is your choice but do not be surprised when those that fight against their Islam fantasy find themselves suckered by a real supernatural Antichrist that has all the power of Satan.

A Response to Bill Salus 8775 Does Daniel debunk the Antichrist? 8776 (partial text)
The full text can be found here.

There is nothing in the Bible about any NWO arsing after the confusion and destruction of 8775 Wormwood 8776 But, obviously new world orders happen every so often on earth and a NWO order will happen under the Antichrist but a NWO will also happen under Jesus Christ.

Many people in USA tend to EXAGERRATE the power of EU
Emma Bonino (former EU commissary) said : EU is an Economic Giant (But is it anymore?), a political Dwarf, and a MILITARY WORM 8776
No one of 8775 Apocalypse telepreachers 8776 consider the role of CHINA (remember HSBC is in LONDON but is CHINESE) in ENDTIMES. And CHINA is one of BEST FRIENDS of SYRIAN STRONGMAN BASHAR ASSAD (for someone mr. 666 in http:// ).
In consider the attitude 8775 the bible does not speak about musilims 8776 a rather myopic attitude
Consider Ezekiel why all the nations cited in EZ. 88 are NOW all ISLAMIC?

The context of the verse in Daniel that you quoted is talking about the gods that the Beast does not honor. So the 8775 desire of woman 8776 is a type of god that women honor (for example the queen of heaven 8776 ). The verse is talking about gods the person will not honor, not abortion.

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