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Propane Tank Hook-Up Kit, Low Pressure, POL

Date: 2017-11-15 16:30

Use a brass rod to depress the Schrader valve. This is important. Brass is non-sparking. A ‘lift wire’ for use on your flush toilet is just under ⅛ 8776 in diameter plus being brass. Perfect.

Propane tank gas grill : Target

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Propane | Cylinder / Tank Hook-Ups, Propane Cylinder

Well. I was thinking only in refill one supposedly "non-refilable" baloon hellium tank with compressed air at 65 psi from my air compressor to operate a small air tool for a minute on a remote location. I guess the is no risk using compressed air a 65 psi, but if someone thinks other way, please let me know.
They even seem to be welded.

Hooking up 100lb propane tank to fireplaces - DoItYourself

Could empty MAPP gas bottles be refilled the same as the 6lb propane bottles. Have several around. Just wondering if I should keep or sell for scrap.

I have built up my stock of propane tanks from garage sale purchases usually between 8$8-5 I immediately trade them in for full tanks. I currently have 8 and plan on adding a few more. I think this is the cheapest way to find them People are thrilled to get them off their hands.

Today, propane tanks are made such that they can’t be filled more than 85%. When ‘full’ the bottom of the tank contains liquid propane and the top 75% of the tank contains propane in the gaseous state. Gas can be compressed. Liquid cannot.

A few years ago, in researching “Lanterns, Lamps, and Candles: A User’s Guide,” I tested all sorts of lamps and lanterns (one at a time) in a room with a CO detector. The detector, factory-preset to 85 ppm (parts per million), never went off. I began to doubt it was even working until I moved a stick of burning incense nearby. Then it screamed.

Just a little niggle, it's melting, not smelting. Smelting is converting ore (bauxite in this case) to metal. A whole other deal..

And, yes, one should always test out used camping gear, preferably before shelling out any money. For that matter, new products should be tested, and practiced with, too, while there 8767 s still time.

Exactly what I do let them deal with the old ones. When the bulk dealer tells me the tank cannot be used due to age, I simply exchange it and then re-fill when empty. The cost of this is built into their business model, it is convenient, and 99% of the time, my money stays local. Let the conglomerates eat the cost of the scrap tanks.

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