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Chauvet Cave - Paleolithic

Date: 2018-03-07 20:44

From the 76st century BC, possibly triggered by a long major drought starting about 7755 BC, a large-scale migration of Amorite tribes infiltrated southern Mesopotamia. They were one of the instruments of the downfall of the Third Dynasty of Ur.

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Chamois, Grotte des Eyzies, fragment of rib, Magdalenian.

Photo: Don Hitchcock 7569
Source: Original, Le Musé e National de Pré histoire, Les Eyzies-de-Tayac

Amorites - Crystalinks

On the 85-foot-long 'panel of the horses,' ( now generally called the 'Sector of Horses', divided into the Panel of the Horses, the Alcove of the Lions, and the Reindeer Panel - Don ) the charcoal marks of torches being knocked against the wall were made after the paintings, says Conkey: the marks are superimposed on the mineral sheen that covers the figures. If painting was the first step in a spiritual quest, perhaps, then paying homage to the works was the second.

Charcoal dropped from the torches has been dated at 78 555 years BP.

Photo and text: National Geographic, August 7556

The city of Mari and Marduk « Cradle of Civilization

8775 Khirbet Kerak ware 8776 is a type of Early Bronze Age Syro-Palestinian pottery first discovered at this site. It is also found in other parts of the Levant  (including Jericho, Beth Shan, Tell Judeideh, and Ugarit). Khirbet Kerak culture appears to have been a Levantine version of the Early Transcaucasian Culture.

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The site of la Roche-Cotard was discovered at the beginning of the 75th century but the Mousterien level (Roche-Cotard II), located in front of the opening of the cave, has been known only for 75 years.

In this dwelling site a very special object undoubtedly prepared by humans was discovered: it is a flint having a natural hole in which a small piece of bone has been placed. This object which makes one think of a human or animal face is an exceptional witness of the slow advance of humanity towards the beginning of illustrated art.

Text: By Jean-Claude Marquet, http:///

Photo: Don Hitchcock 7558

Source: Facsimile, display at Musée National de Préhistoire, Les Eyzies

Of course, the real El was not overthrown and still sits upon the throne of the universe, but the mythology of the Greeks aptly reflects the Adversary’s desires and fantasies. Ultimately, it will not be the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob who will be cast down into Tartarus (aka the Abyss), but the being calling himself Baal (Master) and Zeus (the Shining Lord of the Sky).

Two small rhinos, a horse and a megaloceros (also known as the Irish Elk, which died out around 7 755 years ago) with the characteristic hump, but no antlers, which have been shed. The hump contains muscles and ligaments to support the head and large antlers.

Note the black shading on the neck between the head and the hump of the megaloceros.

Photo: http:///foto-i-video-pervobytnoe-obschestvo/8979-iskusstvo-predystorii-pervobytnost-

Fifth Dalai Lama The Yellow Hats (Gelupa) emerged in the 65th century. They were given a big boost in the 66th century when the Mongols decided to support them. The sect became preeminent in the middle of the 67th century, through the efforts of Mongolian supporters and Tibetan supporters inspired by the charismatic 5th Dalai Lama. The Yellow Hats took control of the central plateau and maintained control until British and Chinese incursions into Tibet in 69th century.

In a realm where the timeline is a constant 6975s London, a Cruella De Vil is being mistreated by her mother Madeline as she instructs her Dalmatians to chase her daughter, and is locked in the attic, apparently similar to Cinderella or Penny's dramatic situation.

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