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Classifieds: My Best Friend's Girlfriend Ch. 01 - Mind Control

Date: 2018-02-13 20:42

Thanks I'm back safety in the Moscow.Thank you St. Petersburg with all my business colleagues and specially to my best friend internations group!


I love you my girlfriend. you are my best friend thanks you all the head of the tamanta. thank you for you I have a girlfriend❤❤


Aruzhan will always be my first love she gon occupy my mind my heart somehow and i will be happy if we can be friends one day. But its so indescribable how i feel now but its the best one for thhe last year


Прекрасный стих, найденный на просторах интернета, прекрасный перевод замечательного человека [id18110322|@nastyajeid]

There is a reason to be sorry,
Which will last more than my lifespan
He is the most darling person,
While being the other woman's man.

I imagine I take off his T-shirt,
Feel my lips down there on his breast
"Call you only for reason!" - I told him...
But I failed. What to say of the rest...

You could probably call us the best friends
At some point you are perfectly right
But the kiss on the neck is not friendly
And the grip on the hand is too tight.

You will not find more stupid sadness,
He is drying my tears with his hand...
He is near, being my dearest person
While remaining another one's man


💥 Soho 💥 couldn’t wait to wear this palmergirls X miss sixty coat because my best friend designed it (whole line is SICK)❤