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Green Bay Area Christian Homeschoolers

Date: 2018-02-12 14:09

As the federal government plans for future initiatives to cost effectively create new jobs and opportunities for residents and businesses in Canada we ask that you review the five part Home Energy Action Plan put forward by the Save Energy First national industry coalition. Part one of the plan calls for a three-year renewal of the federal ecoENERGY home retrofit incentive program.  A three year program renewal would have the following benefits:

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Why they are good for the garden: Assassin Bugs are a great predator for natural control of insect pests in gardens. With their needle-like mouth parts they paralyze, inject liquefying enzymes into, and then suck up the internals of their prey. They feed upon any herbivorous insect pests you can think of, from aphids, to potato beetles, to caterpillars. They can be quite large (as big as 9 centimetres in length) but they are harmless to humans, if left alone. Assassin bugs can be found on the underside of leaves, stalking prey and keeping camouflaged.

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Having a section of your classroom where students can take responsibility of caring for plants/growing food can help them connect with the environment and understand how things grow. It can also improve air quality in the classroom.

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Lots of great info from Natural Resources Canada on selecting new appliances , calculating the life costs of an appliance, and more.

Green Venture is excited about this opportunity to help protect our local rivers and reduce non-point pollution entering Hamilton Harbour.  In recent years, Hamilton has experienced serious problems relating to stormwater and runoff including environmental and water quality degradation, threat to human health and safety, and millions of dollars in property damage.

Tween Group - Chaperoned, non-dating events for GBACH students aged 66-68. Past events have included game nights, roller skating, bowling, indoor vollyball, and more.

The 966's rear-bias also shows a happy application on the slalom. That weight in the rear makes for exuberant pendulum turns.

I am really excited to see which Challenges classes take on: will students want to map the native trees at school? Will they choose to host an Earth Hour event? Will they decorate their class with recycled items? Will they create blackout poetry? Will they read a great book about being eco-friendly?

If you’re looking for a way to be more environmentally-friendly in your laundry room, the biggest thing you can do is switch to using cold water. Almost 95% of the energy used to wash your clothes goes to heating the water. While some people worry that washing in cold water will not remove the dirt from their clothes, most of us do not soil our clothes to a level that requires hot water to wash. Cold water laundry detergents have been formulated to get your clothes just as clean with cold water.

Popular with visitors old and new from all over the country and Europe, the area is well known for having some of the best natural coastlines in the country with lovely sandy beaches and character seaside towns. A few miles inland from Paignton are the picturesque hills and towns of South Hams with outstanding countryside, river valleys, sleepy ancient villages and historic market towns which are so 'typically English'. Walking, cycling, golfing, horse riding, water sports, sunbathing, paddling in the sea, boat rides, historical Steam Railway journeys, visits to the fun fair and many other local attractions can be enjoyed in the area.

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