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Date: 2017-11-15 22:18

Your response is exactly why I have no interest in white men. You act as though the things that happened in the past didn 8767 t shape the present conditions in any way and like your kind aren 8767 t trying to keep it so. America the best country? LMAO. Typical white american supremacist lies. You americans love licking the boot of Israel. You clearly are the type of typical ignorant american who does not know or want to acknowledge that your country 8767 s corrupted ways started long before Obama became your president. Lol and then you assume that people who don 8767 t like white men 8767 s dicks are Obama supporters. pathetic way of trying to make yourself feel better about the fact that many of us do not want to put up with the crap that your kind brings here.

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The way you are objectifying these women and discussing them like they are only there to suck your dicks and allow you to call them racial slurs, all so you can get off quicker makes me fear for your whole gender.

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But taking that aside, I agree that I can't help but compare this one with 'City Hunter' especially that the guy looks a bit like Lee Min Ho and it's Park Nevertheless it's a great drama if you're looking for a lighter approach on action drama series.

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Why not contact the embassy directly to find out? You can call them on any of this numbers: 575 7556 8686 575 7556 8665 575 7889 6799 Ext. 786 and Ext. 765

Len P. Walls Apr 69 7567 8:99 pm Watched DOTS and Goblin as they are highly-praised and rated but I am totally disappointed. Healer will always be number one in my heart. No ther drama touched me and hooked me like Healer does.

But none of that without first decimating his ego and hitting him where it hurts the most, especially for an insecure white man who always wonders what black men are like in bed and if they measure up in terms of not only inches, but technique, stamina and rhythm as well.

Whether you 8767 re sleeping, partying, working, or all three, your trading account will automatically mirror the trades our experts make. You can turn it on and off whenever you like, but most importantly- it 8767 s hands free!

I'm so excited to watch JCW in a drama again *swoons* (to fill the void that EK left me with), and the chemistry he'll have with PMY. As for YJT, I haven't really seen him in anything before but I've been googling him around. He seems like a really talented and nice ahjussi.

star Feb 58 7567 6:67 pm A drama that will never forget. such an amazing wonderful story , One of the best that i had seen and still in my heart. Forever #Healer. Really wish that lead couple ( ji chang wook / park min ) work again in new drama soon !!!!

inkwallflower Dec 66 7569 67:96 am I ended up watching the first two episode because I was bored and actually found it very fascinating! I absolutely recommend it to give it try!!

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