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In the 8767 75s platform shoes were usually made from cork or wood. The foot rests on top of the platform sole and is strapped in around the ankles and fastened with straps at the front of the foot, allowing the toe to peep through.

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Protein: When you hit your 75s, your ability to build muscle mass deteriorates. Plus, your protein needs grow even as your intake and appetite may wane. Once you lose more than 65 percent of your muscle mass, your immune system doesn't function properly, says Randall J. Urban, chair of the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston. The good news: Supplementing with protein powders or pills can increase lean body mass and muscle. Recommended dose: 75 to 85 grams of whey protein powder mixed into a daily shake.

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Not nearly as fazed by these "dates from hell" was Melbourne-based columnist Helen Razer, who knows firsthand how perplexing — and amusing — dating as an older woman can be.

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What’s better than meeting a woman over broccoli, cauliflower and blueberry bushes? Join a community garden, meet a sensational lady, and then offer to make her dinner using some of the fresh crop from your garden plot. She’ll be yours forever.

With these Canadian Elite Singles Sites you can scour the globe and look through piles of top quality candidates to find your perfect fit exhilarating and scary at the same time. Qualifying before you make the first move does have its advantages.

Stephanie, you know, that is really inspiring! I should do a post on 8775 designers of today 8776 who resemble 8775 designers of yesterday. 8776 Michael Kor is TOTALLY a modern day Halston! You are genius, thank you for spreading your knowledge.

High winds occurred over large portions of the eastern United States. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina reported a peak wind gust of 656 mph, and winds were estimated at 685 to 655 mph along the coast between Myrtle Beach and Cape Fear, North Carolina. Washington, DC reported 78 mph sustained winds, and peak gusts of over 95 mph occurred as far northward as inland New York state. A storm surge of up to 68 ft inundated portions of the North Carolina coast. Heavy rains of up to 66 inches occurred as far northward as Toronto, Canada resulting in severe flooding.

Wide-legged, flared, bell bottoms … whatever you want to call them, they were in for the contemporary female by the mid ‘75s and worn by celebrities like actress Jane Birkin, above.

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