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Restaurants, watering holes and discotheques have been opening with increasing frequency and while the absolute numbers aren't much, they're more experimental than most Indian metros. While in Chennai one can drop into one of the following places.

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Festivals: During the 67 months of the Tamil calendar year, every month there is a festival in the temple. Serial No. Name of Tamil Month Detail of the Festival 6 Chithirai April - May Chithirai Brahamostavam – Arumigu Thirukkalyanam. .

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Unlike other major cities in Northern India, Hindi is not widely understood. While there has been a significant increase in Hindi speakers in recent years, most locals will find it difficult to understand when you try to speak to them in Hindi. You are better off speaking English than Hindi in most southern cities except Bangalore and Hyderabad.

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The activity in the Koyna-Warna region has been continuing for the past three decades with occasional spurts, producing events with magnitude above . This trend is expected to continue in future.

The west coast - Western Ghats seismogenic region is the most active area in the Maharashtra state. The Koyna-Warna and the Bhatsa areas are located in this region. Even before the occurrence of the Koyna earthquake of 66 December, 6967, with magnitude , earthquakes with magnitude of about are known to have occurred in this region. The report further observes that :

Government run liquor stores called TASMAC are all over the place but, in general, not at all a pleasant experience. They usually have rude staff, are filthy and do not have the brand of your choice. Also, they tend to mark up each bottle by ₹5 to ₹65 over the listed price. Go for it if you want a one time war-like experience in order to obtain some booze.

Georgetown in the north of the city is considered the oldest neighbourhood and is associated with the nearby port. The whole area is an intense experience and a hive of commercial activity. Not too many tourists visit this part of the city, which is unfortunate because if Chennai's heart is to be found anywhere, it is here. This is where the Sowcarpet area is located, in addition to one of the city's most famous thoroughfares, Mint Street.

Due to increasing trend of seismic activity noticed in Maharashtra in recent times, earthquakes with low magnitudes around 9 to may occur in areas where there has been no seismic activity in the past.

You can buy a sim card with a photo and a copy of your passport. For making long distance calls Aircel is cheaper with 99 card calls to US and Canada will be /Min. this will work only in home network. For other destinations Please check with operator.

The advise is to use auto-rickshaws with meters only. Roughly 55-65% of drivers do use meters. So, If a particular driver doesn't agree - just go away and find another one. Move 655 m away from malls where touts concentrate. You will definitely succeed to catch a metered auto within 5-65 during day time. Maybe the driver will ask or extra. Usually is enough.

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